Long Way Round is coming to America


Here, at London HQ, Long Way Round team is busting its panniers in anticipation of our Long Way Round launch in USA.

That’s right, because on the 26th October at 9pm on Current TV, Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman will be riding across your screens.

Watch the boys burn two-wheels on BMW motorbikes, as they journey 20,000 miles the Long Way Round, from London all the way to New York, heading east.

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  • 19:39 - 15/10/2010



    • 14:22 - 22/10/2010

      Long Way Round

      Thanks for the support!

  • 21:02 - 15/10/2010


    I think it’s about time it was televised here. I’ve had the boxed set of TLWA, Race to Dakar, and TLWD for some time. My wife and I are planning a trip across Canada in 2011 on sportbikes and seeing if we can get tourism Canada onboard as we show people from other countries what Canada is really like. We were inspired by you guys.

    • 16:31 - 18/10/2010


      Hi John, I did a cross Canada ride this summer on a Kawasaki 500 cruiser. I soooo wished I’d been able to film it! Rode 12000 km – Waterloo to Tofino then to California. If tourism Canada funds you and you want someone to film for you, I’d ride across again!

    • 14:24 - 22/10/2010

      Long Way Round

      Thanks for the comment John, good luck with sponsorship and please keep us updated on the trip!!

  • 23:51 - 15/10/2010


    Great! And the rest of America? Congratulations guys!

    • 14:25 - 22/10/2010

      Long Way Round

      Soon hopefully Mar, we’ll keep you posted!

  • 17:21 - 16/10/2010


    I´Love this team, and yours adventures,i´hope to argentina..

    • 14:26 - 22/10/2010

      Long Way Round

      Thanks Sebastian!

  • 9:30 - 19/10/2010


    Hi guys!
    Any news about the long way up?

    • 14:28 - 22/10/2010

      Long Way Round

      As soon as we go into production we’ll let you know!

  • 22:19 - 19/10/2010

    Nate Rogers

    Thank you so much guys for your insparation. I am in america and you hit me hard enough to go get myself a bike….Now I take the long way as much as possible. Thankyou for sharing your adventure with all of us.

    • 14:28 - 22/10/2010

      Long Way Round

      Thanks Nate, we really appreciate your support! It’s because of fans like you we keep doing them!

  • 16:32 - 21/10/2010

    Martín Alejndro

    Me gustaron mucho, los dos viajes.
    Pero me parese que, pueden encontrar muy lindos lugares en Latino America…
    Seria lo unico que les falta, para conoser los lugares, mas impresionantes del mundo… Un abrazo grande, y que hojala los vea por estos parajes….
    Martin de Cordoba Argentina.

  • 8:10 - 23/10/2010


    Amazing stories. And the whole production was awe-inspiring. I have completed an 8000km bike trip in Australia in 2007 and just last year did a 7000km round trip of Europe. And when it got tough, I went back to moments from LWR for inspiration. Looking forward to more. Stay upright.

  • 1:50 - 24/10/2010


    must come to the end of the world … Chile & Argentina

  • 2:38 - 24/10/2010

    A Broader View Volunteers

    HI , Its time for another trip, we miss you guys, a South America Trip will be great, the same the Che Guevara did with his friend in 1952 a 8000km or 5000mil.

    We are a non profit organization helping over 10.000 orphans in 22 countries, we would like if you could visit some of our programs in the trip if you some day do it. We will be honor to have all of you visiting us. In Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and Costa Rica. Look at our website if you may be interested to support us.

  • 16:37 - 25/10/2010


    I’m really happy!! Please include Argentina!! Is amazing for riding… Last two years i’ ve ride more than 10000 km including south & central area. I will wait for you! Good luck!!!

  • 19:33 - 25/10/2010

    angie silver

    Site is great guys – well done – good luck with the US launch – let me know if there is anything I can do to help spread the word x

  • 23:10 - 26/10/2010

    JP Tormenta

    Very Nice !! Don’t forget Brazil ! You have lots of fans here, terrific landscapes and a very happy people waiting to receive you guys. See you !

  • 19:50 - 27/10/2010

    Carlos Cardona

    This videos are a inspiration … inspiration to dream, to travel. The past year i buy mi little Harley Davidson Iron883 … in august go with one friendgirl to Italy with boat to Barcelona from Livorno … and go to Fiorenze, San Gimignano, Venice, Padova, Genova, Marsella and Barcelona and the boat from Mallorca :)

    When i see your Long Way Round …. wow ¡¡¡¡ i think … I WANT GO NOW ¡¡¡

    now i buy the books and DvD :D

  • 20:01 - 01/11/2010


    Are you guys ever going to do another “Long Way………..” series??
    Absolutley loved the first 2, got both on DVD and got the book for Long Way Down, as well as watching the “Race To Dakar” series Charlie did.

    BTW, it was an absolute pleasure meeting Charlie at the NEC Bike Show last year.

  • 21:59 - 01/11/2010


    These shows are so awesome, i really hope there will be another one!

  • 1:07 - 02/11/2010

    Juan Carlos

    When I wanted to ride the Argentinian desert part of the Andes I started by renting a mototbike in Chile and then crossing the border along the ride touring with other people that hired the same service ( The beauty of this trip is something you can only experience when you live it. JC

  • 10:46 - 02/11/2010


    LWR Untold story what happened to the DVD release ? now over a year away was going to be 3 weeks away !

  • 12:44 - 02/11/2010


    Thank you. You have no idea how much your camaraderie has helped me lately. I hope, one day, we’ll chance upon each other on the road. Best wishes.

  • 17:10 - 02/11/2010

    Tiago Almeida


    I have seen the LWR and LWD more than 10times each….

    I’m needing a new Adventure!!!!

    Thanks for the good moments!

    Best Regards,


  • 22:04 - 02/11/2010

    Craig Murray Renwick

    I am late coming to this “Long Way…” party but I am hooked and have been watching the videos and reading the blog-fest! I bought a new Russian Ural – Troyka sidecar this summer and Charlie and Ewan, you guys have inspired me to mount some crazy trip as well…not sure where yet so just riding the Los Angeles streets so far. I hear you are going to South America. Good luck. I have a pal who just came back from a trip on his bike there. He had an amazing journey.

    All the best to you knuckleheads! :)

  • 22:55 - 02/11/2010


    I’ve got to agree with all the others above. The Long Way Round team is absolutely amazing, and all of the adventures Ewan and Charley were going through were really worth watching, I loved it. I also enjoyed Long Way Down a lot, and I hope there will be another trip really soon – and I hear there might be one starting in South America? I can’t wait to see that, keep at it guys.

  • 13:40 - 03/11/2010

    Patrick Byrne

    I’ve been watching LWR on Current these past couple of weeks and love it! Really inspiring stuff.

  • 12:44 - 04/11/2010


    wonderful news…both LWR and LWD were here in America on Fox Reality Channel before. BOTH of these shows should be shown all the time…they are what a reality show is supposed to be. These shows really had an effect on me and a huge impact on how I conduct my life…inspirational on what is like to be a human being and caring about others and DOING as much as we can to make a difference….thank you so much.

  • 3:29 - 09/11/2010


    Love both series, gents! Just re-watched TLWD, as am getting stationed in Djibouti for a year in a couple of months and loved the way your ride depicted the richness of Africa. Wish I could have the opportunity to have the experiences you have had!


  • 6:11 - 10/11/2010


    We were inspired by Long Way Round and Long Way Down, and finished a 5 ride around north america. Thanks so much for the inspiration to explore our world!!! Here is a link to a blog we put together day by day for our families…

    I already have both DVDs and I am hoping that you both will continue your adventures!!!

    Stay safe!


  • 10:34 - 10/11/2010

    Fany & Jérôme

    Good morning, We are French bikers BMW, we looked with big interest at your previous two trips. We are going to follow this next trip but so possible real-time. We think that this monitoring will be able to be made on this site, be able you to confirm it to us just? Then good road in very l ‘équipe and come back to us with kilometres d ‘images to be all shared with us. Thank you. Fany & Jérôme

  • 4:49 - 11/11/2010

    sweet neet

    Hi guys! Any thoughts of coming down to New Zealand to experience our roads, culture and the locals?! Although we are a small country we can make it up with our scenery and just good old awesomeness!!

  • 21:32 - 11/11/2010


    I’ve got the LWR book and dvd, LWD book and dvd, and Race to Dakar. When is there going to be a Long Way Up????? Think it’s about time you got back in the saddle for a few weeks……

  • 3:29 - 12/11/2010


    The Lance Vaccaro Memorial Ride is a fundraising motorcycle rally from Virginia Beach to Alaska and back, held in honor of Navy SEAL Lance Vaccaro, who was killed in a training accident in 2008. They rode this year in June and July and raised some great money for the Naval Special Warfare Foundation. The upcoming documentary will be entitled ‘Ride for Lance.’

    Check it out!

  • 13:36 - 12/11/2010

    Clint Dallow

    To see the boys back in action again is a long time coming, It will be great to watch there adventure un fold, the last series made me by an F800GS and travel Australia, Im sure the next series will do that as well.

  • 13:15 - 13/11/2010

    Rob Harris

    Ewan and Charley… you’ve inspired me so much! At almost 40 years of age, you’ve given me the kick I needed to live my dream of riding a motorcycle to destinations unknown. I’m in the process of planning my adventure as I type this!

    Thanks ever so much for your inspiration and for demonstrating what a true friendship should resemble. I am very envious of your relationship… that you two found each other and formed a lifelong bond… I hope I have that experience some day in the future!


    Rob H.
    San Antonio, TX

  • 16:26 - 14/11/2010


    oh my God guys!!!!me and my husband are dreaming a long way down since we were young!!!!!!it is fantantastic to see your beautiful trip!!from Italy….good luck guys!!!!!!laura e maurizio

  • 1:49 - 15/11/2010


    Reading through your blog “Long way up” was mentioned.. Is it something that has been considered? If so, what continent(s) would it be covering? And is there a time frame which might be in thought?

  • 9:20 - 15/11/2010

    amy parry

    Hi…. i am just trying to find out if there is going to be another trip, i have spent some time searching the internet for ınformatıon regardıng thıs, however, ı just get mıxed feedback, one sıte saıd that ewan and charley had fallen out, another saıd the trıp would be ın 2011….please ıf any one knows can you let me know because ı love the books and ewan and charley and really dont want to mıss the start of the next one. many thanks

  • 11:30 - 17/11/2010


    DreamHelpSmileLoveEnjoyImagineFeelTravelJumpCryThinkLearnGrowScreamRun…LIVE! This is one of me life’s laws and you have showed all s in these two travels!
    I see your chapters of both big adventures, turn them to seeing again, and again, and again… For much that I see them, I cannot allow getting excited again and again.Your experiences of overcoming, emotions and experiences, always they penetrate my screen. Really, is amazing! I would like that your plans of going in motorcycle for Spain, continue in foot for another adventure…but I know that you go where you go, you will turn me to surprising and to thrilling. Spain enjoys with your experiences!
    Always, thank you very much Ewan, Charlie and the great rest of the team.

    Love, support and spitir for you from Spain,
    Patricia xx

  • 19:15 - 19/11/2010

    Andy Nye

    What a great way of living out your dreams! I have loved motorcycles my whole life and since I found the LWR, I have increased my riding and passion for the sport. I have watched the box set of: LWR, LWD, and Race to Dakar roughly 4-5 times in the last year. I can’t get enough!! Can’t wait until you start showing it over here and can’t wait until you plan your next trip. If you do plan South America, don’t forget you must start or end the ride in Alaska again. And when you’re here, we will all come out to cheer you on! Best of luck everyone!

  • 2:29 - 22/11/2010

    CNA Training

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  • 4:26 - 22/11/2010


    Dear Team,
    I have loved every minute watching your adventures…….I feel very inspired by what you have accomplished. The way you have captured your experiences has almost made me feel like I was on the journey too!
    I cannot wait for the next journey you take.
    Amazing work you all have done to share this with the public.
    Your fan…….

  • 1:22 - 24/11/2010


    You guys are all so inspiring, the whole team is great! I think its awesome the way you guys are so straight up and realistic about everything, and the journeys are so amazing! Can’t wait for Long Way Up :D
    I think you should come to New Zealand, its not exactly intrepid like in the other trips, but its a great place, awesome people and sights.
    Thankyou for being who you are, its cool :)

  • 13:28 - 25/11/2010


    Ewan & Charley inspired my cross North America trip called Over & Under The 49th. Aurora Ontario to Tofino to Seattle and back across the USA crossing back in to Canada at Sarnia on my Vstrom. I raised nearly $9000 for Riders for Health on my journey. It was Long Way Down that introduced me to Riders for Health. I got to see so much and loved every mile. Thanks to the boys for lighting the fire. I’ll enjoy the LWR and LWD in the Canadian off season. Best of luck to John and his wife. Hope the government gets on board. It’s a great story Canada!

  • 3:52 - 27/11/2010


    Hey guys I love the show and look forward to watching the entire series. Did KTM kick themselves for not supporting the trip?

  • 18:33 - 27/11/2010

    ed coyle

    pretty awsome show. i have been watching on current tv i live out side phila. pa. i am a rider also(harley). i have been telling my wife about the show. she looks for the listings on tv for me. the show has been draged out so far i think i am on day 30 or so. you guys had me laughing when you were eating the balls soup. look forwar to seeing more of the ride. chow till net time

  • 15:41 - 28/11/2010


    It was on here in the U.S. before, however this time it looks like the extended version because I’m seeing scenes and locations they didn’t show when it origianlly aired.

  • 8:21 - 01/12/2010


    Long Way Round: The Untold Adventures DVD This title is no longer available WTF it never realeased what is going on ?

  • 12:20 - 01/12/2010


    is there a possibility of a lwup from south america up to as far as possible on dempster?

  • 17:08 - 15/12/2010


    been riding for about 30 yrs and i’m 40 now..after seeing you show all i can say is wow!..made me feel like a kid again getting on my first honda 50 cc..the friendship between the ewan and charlie completed the package…~4 wheels move the body….2 wheels move the soul~

  • 22:27 - 15/12/2010


    I absolutely love the LWR series and it’s inspired me and my Dad to do our own trip. Atlanta, through the Carolinas, the Virginias, and finishing in Washington in April 2011. We can’t wait to share our stories with others!!!!! Thank you Ewan & Charley!

  • 13:23 - 17/12/2010


    great post, thanks for sharing

  • 11:25 - 23/12/2010


    hey guys, EPIC tv… absolutely buying the DVDs, unsure if you let us know on them but was wondering what tires you were touring on… currently riding a sport touring KAWASAKI ninja650r but getting some dual-sport tires so I can “Take the Long Way” unlimited. . . salamat and best of luck to y’all and yer crew. . . #650rT

  • 4:02 - 29/12/2010


    Great watching! I enjoyed the whole series very much. It inspired me to do something off the path. I appreciate current TV on the series and hope they will show Long Way Down.

  • 17:33 - 29/12/2010

    ptz camera

    Great site, though I would love to see some more media! – Great post anyway, Cheers!

  • 19:56 - 29/12/2010

    Matt McFadden

    My father and I used to go riding on motorcross bikes when I was younger. He recently died of ALS. I think it is great that you show your journey around the world. It reminds me of when my dad and I used to go riding. They are great memories. I remember when he got stuck at the bottom of a canyon and I had to ride his bike out of the canyon. Good fun.

  • 4:51 - 02/01/2011


    My husband and I finally made the time to watch the Long Way Down! We just loved The Long Way Round and had heard there just might be a North America (Alaska) to South America (Chili) Long Way Down. We were just wondering if this was in the works and if so when would we we get a chance to watch it! Love the show! You guys really let us see a side of Africa we had never imagined. Thanks! We would really love to see a 3rd in the Long Way series!

  • 9:27 - 06/01/2011

    Ghinea florin-

    site is great from romania don t forget romania i like yours motorbike

  • 9:29 - 06/01/2011

    Ghinea florin-

    long way down is very good and difficulu for your guys
    i lool evry day

    • 13:22 - 19/01/2011

      Long Way Round

      It certainly was a challenge! Thanks for your comment!

  • 6:10 - 07/01/2011


    I loved both LWR and LWD… It’s really inspired me, getting my BMW 1200 GSA in March. Hope to see you guys soon on Long Way Up!

    • 13:21 - 19/01/2011

      Long Way Round

      Thanks Pete!

  • 0:34 - 12/01/2011


    Just caught it last night on Current when I woke up in the middle of the night for no reason, turned the tv on and there you guys were! Great show! Awesome to see a friendship like yours. Continue to have fun!!!!

    • 13:21 - 19/01/2011

      Long Way Round

      Thanks for your support Sandy

  • 0:06 - 24/01/2011


    Is Long Way Up still in the books?

  • 14:00 - 24/01/2011

    Tiago Almeida

    What about the “undtold adventures”?

  • 22:13 - 26/01/2011

    Jude Snashall

    I loved Long Way Down.I rented the series. I have a friend who is studying in Ghana so it was great to experience some of Africa. I also had the pleasure to go to Egypt and you brought back great memories for me.

    Will you be traveling from top of North America to end of South America?
    The world is so big and beautiful. I would love to see it all and experience it.
    so thank you for doing these trips, filming and sharing your personal stories, is a joy for me.
    I am going to rent long way round next.

    Keep safe

  • 23:54 - 27/01/2011


    Thank you to Charley and Ewan and the rest of their great team for two wonderful adventure programs. My husband and I are inspired to ride ourselves and plan on riding motorbikes on the Peak to Peak highway here in Colorado.
    I was especially inspired by the inclusion of Eve on the LWD trip. Her kind interaction with the people, the natural way she fit in with the team and her awesome riding was amazing to watch. Now I know that I can do it! Please keep on making motorbike films and we’ll keep watching!

  • 10:32 - 28/01/2011

    Azizan Zolkipli

    Hi, i watch your adventure in tv & your guys are really influence me
    may you have another adventure to share with us
    greeting from Malaysia : )

  • 9:27 - 30/01/2011

    Jonathan Jones

    If you pass by Panama, give us a call. We can show you around or have a wee dram at the pub.

  • 6:16 - 02/02/2011


    You must take part in a contest for among the finest blogs on the web. I will suggest this web site!

  • 5:55 - 03/02/2011


    Hi Guys,

    Have watched LWR and LWD numerous times over the past couple of years. Awesome, loved them both…….. But I have an itch!! There must be so many people that check this site almost daily for news on LW Up! We need some news guys, something so sustain us until we can finally buy the dvd… Anything?????



    • 13:13 - 11/03/2011

      faaiz siddiqui

      yes i agree with u…………

  • 21:33 - 03/02/2011


    Just finished watching the series – recorded on DVR. A wonderful adventure to share. You two (Ewan and Charley) are just so easy-going and likable, it’s nice in contrast to all this “reality TV” that’s really just trying to stir up conflict. You are also so lucky to have come through what is obviously dangerous territory without being harmed (by criminals, I’m not saying the terrain didn’t beat you up – and the rogue petrol…). So glad to have watched it and I’m now on my third way through. Hoping your other motorcycle trip will be aired in the US soon. XOXO

    • 5:19 - 20/02/2011


      You dont have to wait – rent it from Netflix!

  • 2:11 - 10/02/2011

    Julie and John

    My husband and I are hooked! We just got a KLR650. I am planning on taking lessons at the end of this month! I have never been on a bike before, except for on the back. We are looking at lightweight camping gear etc.. So exciting! Very much looking forward to Long Way Up!

  • 12:52 - 10/02/2011


    Your adventures have surely inspired me, and alot of people it seems. Absolutely cant wait for the next one.

  • 10:23 - 13/02/2011


    hi guys, lwr and lwd are really amazing. when the next trip? can’t wait. bye

  • 5:18 - 20/02/2011


    Dear Ewan and Charley,
    Wow! Caught a repeat of Long Way Round on Current, and could wait another week, so we rented all the dvd’s of BOTH documentaries. We just finished and are wishing for more. Enjoyed watching you guys so much and learned a lot about the countries you went through. AMAZING, INSPIRING, ENTERTAINING. Really looking forward to Long Way Up! If you go from South America to North America to Canada, be sure to stop and see us in St. Louis, MO!

  • 13:47 - 23/02/2011

    Stuart Smith

    Hi Guys, I have been a massive fan since the start of Longway Round. I have come across a few articals saying there will be a third series?? Is this only aired in America or is this going to be availble in the UK too?? I really hope so because my LWR and LWD & Race to Dakar DVD’s have nearly had it haha. What ever your plans are, I wish you both and all the production team there all the best. Stuart.

  • 21:16 - 04/03/2011


    LONG WAY UP!!!! PLEASE! I know these journeys must be very hard on you physically, but the british (and scotsman in particular) are known for adventure, and being of the same heritage I can’t get enough of witnessing the closest thing to a modern day expedition. Here in the U.S. Charlie Boorman is synonomous with a world adventurer and even though Ewen is a great actor , most real men think of Long way round first and then star wars and his other pictures as second and thrid. Please do a long way up!

  • 17:59 - 10/03/2011


    Like many others, I’ve been truly inspiried by your adventures and charity. So much, that I bought a BMW F800GS this month and will be riding throughout North America in the spirit of “Long Way”. Please do more adventures, guys! Best wishes.

  • 13:06 - 11/03/2011

    faaiz siddiqui

    hiiiiiii im very excited when i watch long way down…………& then i planed a trip in india……generally im from Amroha Utter Pradesh India……………….so i need some news guys for ur new trip……… please tell us …………..&please come to India its a very good place……………….!!!!
    LIVE GOOD LIFE……………………..!!!!

  • 17:19 - 23/03/2011

    Yvonne Horton

    I have been watching the first Long Way Round. It is mesmerizing to me. I have watched over and over and I feel that you both have exposed yourselves to such screwtiny that is a brave and generous thing. I can still see the horror in your faces as the huge trucks were spanning the river and the fear in your faces was so telling. The remark Ewin made that he didn’t want anyone to get hurt and that the trip was not worth anyones life. You both overcame hardships in an honorable and gentlemanly way was so refreshing. Kudos to you both. Yvonne

    • 17:21 - 23/03/2011

      Yvonne Horton

      Sorry about the spelling of your name Ewan. Idon’t know what I was thinking. Hi Charley too.

  • 15:40 - 29/03/2011


    “Long Way Round has changed us all”……How right you are Ewan!

  • 4:37 - 28/04/2011

    A. Ross

    I just watched LWR. In one scene it was mentioned that you(Charlie,I believe) had never seen the Grand Canyon. On the Long Way Up you must see that! That canyon you traveled through would be dwarfed by the Grand Canyon! When I first saw the Grand Canyon myself I got vertigo, it is that intense on the eyes that ones mind does not process something so wondrous for several seconds! Then Yosemite, hopefully not too late in summer so as to see Yosemite falls. Long Way Up guys ! Make it happen!

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