Brand new Long Way Round t-shirts available now on the Long Way Round website store.


Brand new Long Way Round t-shirts available now on the Long Way Round website store.

We were getting many requests from fans for new t-shirts so Charley wanted to design some for himself, with the help of Phillip Harkness (formally of Mambo t-shirt design).

“We just spent the last couple of months designing this t-shirts inspired by our trip and love of motorcycles and both Ewan and I are very excited about the result and we hope you guys like it as much as we do”. Charley Boorman.

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  • 16:16 - 19/01/2011

    Steffen Wingerath

    Hi Ewan and Charley,
    I’m your biggest fan. I have read all the books and watched all the DVDs. I plan in the near future make a very, very big tour. Like you. Luckily I have the right motorcycle! How much accidents you had? How the price for so a tour?
    Please answer!

    Best wishes to all, Steffen Wingerath from germany.

  • 16:34 - 19/01/2011


    Thanks for a terrific show! love it ans have shared the info with other riding buddys!

  • 20:24 - 19/01/2011

    phil robbins

    excellent idea with original designes

  • 9:33 - 30/01/2011


    Hi guys, love your show and your books. I read your book “Long Way Round” recently and review it on my blog:

    Loved it and hoping you are doing another installment soon.

  • 6:35 - 27/02/2011

    John Minigan

    Hay guys… Just finished watching The long way down, Watched the whole thing straight through! I cant get enough of that crazy way of life just happing to you as the two of you travel across Africa!
    I am also a BMW rider, R1200RT 09 and glad I bought the Best bike the first time. Keep the adventure coming because you two have a large following. Keep up the Great adventures!
    A very Big fan…
    John Minigan
    Ontario Canada

  • 18:09 - 06/03/2011


    Any plans to start shipping within the US so we don’t have the overseas costs? Thanks!

  • 19:19 - 25/03/2011


    Love the new T-shirts! The material appears to be much softer and trendier than the original Ts. Gonna order a few but was wondering if the are more of a “fitted” style or more like the original. I have the originals and so it would help to know if they run smaller, the same or larger. Thanks! Also do you guys sell the LWR or LWD stickers. Would love to put one on my BMW Adventure’s panniers. Cheers!

  • 13:14 - 28/03/2011

    Greg Pepper

    Hey Ewan & Charley!

    LWR & LWD great great shows, a credit to ALL of you, but what now? i met Charley a few weeks ago at vines, had a great evening all in aid of help for hearoes, Charley your some Dude!
    Hope to have a ride out with you in Wales or maybe Cape Town………

  • 23:05 - 14/04/2011


    Just watched your program on Discovery Channel of your trip through Egypt and in to Africa. Amazing! I don’t envy your ride through some of those parts as it looked very difficult, but what a great ride!

  • 18:39 - 25/04/2011


    Guys can we please get some in XXL.

  • 7:33 - 28/04/2011


    Hi Ewan, Hi Charley,
    we love watching your adventures, it’s like being part of it!
    Inspired by your trips my boyfriend plans his own one now from Shanghai (where we currently live) back to Cologne (where our heart is – and home) in September – it’s all your fault ;)
    All the best from Shanghai, Sandra!

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