Ewan, Charley and the team is honored to work with such prestigious worldwide sponsors.

  • Unicef


    Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman made special stop-offs at Unicef-supported projects on Long Way Round and Long Way Down. Unicef works in 150 countries, and the guys wanted to see for themselves the problems that face children, and their families, and just what Unicef were doing to help. The guys visited Unicef projects in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Kenya and Uganda. Their personal interaction inspired them both to become long-term Unicef supporters. As Ewan said 'One of the great honours of doing the jobs we do, is that we can be involved, and help to raise awareness'. Ewan McGregor

    Unicef receives no funding from the UN and relies entirely on charitable donations.

  • Chas

    CHAS - Children's Hospice Association Scotland

    CHAS is a Scottish charity established to provide hospice services for children with life-threatening conditions. CHAS runs children's hospices that offer professional care, practical help and emotional support to the whole family. Caring for a child who will die prematurely is one of the hardest things a family could face, and CHAS has the flexibility to respond to particular family needs. It's this generosity of spirit that has made Ewan McGregor so passionate about supporting its work.

  • Riders For Health

    Riders For Health

    Riders for Health is a charity that works to provide healthcare by motorbike to isolated areas in Africa. As an avid motorcyclist, Charley and Long Way Down team support Riders for Health in Africa, and respect their efforts to prevent the spread of treatable infectious diseases through healthcare transportation.

    Charley and Ewan visited a Maasai area in Kenya to highlight the vital work Riders for Health do to support HIV/AIDS, malaria TB and nutrition programmes across remote communities.

    Riders For Health
  • Macmillan Cancer Relief

    Macmillan Cancer Relief

    Macmillan Cancer Relief helps people who are living with cancer. Each and every day 739 people in the UK are told they have cancer. More than one million people in the UK today have had a cancer diagnosis, and more than one in three will be diagnosed at some time in their life.

    Long Way Round is proud to donate its charity proceeds to support Macmillan services, nurses, doctors, health professionals, cancer centres and home-help services. Macmillan is funded purely by its charity supporters.